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Transformative Mentorship Program 

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What does the Transformative Mentorship look like?

  • Release and remove  blockages and false fears

  • Break through the limitations that keep you stuck

  • Energetically align with your desires

  • No more suffering, it’s not needed anymore. You can be YOU and have what you desire!

  • Assistance in guiding  you towards your life mission on Earth

  • Getting clear with what you want the universe to provide for you to experience

  • Honing in  your unique intuitive  gifts

  • Accessing your true powerful self to create the life you have always dreamed of

  • Redirect your energy towards flow and ease

  • Help you move forward from past hurts (current/past life)

  • Ability to embrace the miracles of the 5d life

  • Help you navigate through the 3d, to the 4 and over to the 5th

  • Release the 3d reality way of being

  • Assist you in becoming a conscious co creator here on earth

  • Thrive in the realm of conscious living

  • Tap into YOUR unique gift to offer the world

  • Move away from the 3d way of thinking/doing business, relationships, living and into the 5d Unity Consciousness

  • Live life with joy and ease. It’s your birth right!

3 Month Transformative Journey

Each month includes :

3 full 60 minute sessions via phone

Unlimited email access to me

Remote Healings

Oracle card readings

Guided Visualizations 


With over 10 years experience in the business world, now turned business entrepreneur and energy worker, I learned to love my unique gifts which are my special gift to the world. Blending  Business + Spiritualty to create the life I’ve always dreamed of. Living in flow and joy was key and that was easily attainable once I released the constraints that kept me bound to the 3d world. This included lots of healing and understanding how this reality really works. Freedom came by being unapologetically me! 


 If I did, so can you!

Allow me to show you as we embark on this transformative journey.

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