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Healing Stones


Crystals are the powerful and precious energy, the essence of Mother Earth herself. Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency to work within energy fields, helping ailments of the physical body and soul level.

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” in Japanese. It is a Japanese healing technique that directs energy to relieve, restore, and transform a patient’s energy field and holistic health. Reiki, combined with intuitive crystal work and application to personalize a healing session to help relieve  ailments of both your physical and spiritual bodies.

In each healing session, we begin some breathing exercises to relax you and allow the energy to flow freely. We then work with the body to understand it’s blockages and imbalances, intuitively working in your auric field. We use certain crystals to place on and around the body to assist in the healing process. These stones, alive with certain vibrations and healing elements, can work to eliminate, balance, and channel energies within you.

This is a deep healing process. During the session, you can expect a deeper healing work to align crystals with your chakras, helping to heal and relieve even physical ailments that have formed as a result of an energy blockage.

1 Hour 15 minute session

~30 minutes going over the messages and guidance coming through intuitively

~45 minutes focused on energetic body work consisting of crystals, hand tools and healing energy.

Investment $200

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