Integrating Crystal and Energy Alchemy

Crystal Energy Healer 


Certified by Crystal Alchemist Monica Mejorado

So you want to become a Certified Crystal Energy Practioner?

Great! Thank you for wanting to be of service. You will not only get certified in Crystal Alchemy but we will go beyond and tap into your unique style, your gift to this world. This course is for anyone wanting to learn more about the holistic healing arts and add to their existing client base or for family and friends. The class is very hands on, interactive and fun. 


  • Small classes that are customized and tailored to your needs.

  • Hands on training to gain confidence when working with clients.

  • Become certified within the first month.

  • Offer Crystal Healing as part of your existing services already offered.

  • 3

    months of direct online support for Q's and A's 

Crystal Energy Course Day 1

  • Focus on Self-Healing​

  • Crystals 101

  • Ethics & Guidelines

  • Understanding Energy

  • Intro to Intuition

  • The Chakra Energy System

  • The 3 levels of Dimensions

  • Hand Positions

  • Aura

  • Self Care and Energy Hygiene

  • Learn Self Healing 

10-4 PM at Calabasas Location

4 Students Max

Crystal Energy Course Day 2

  •  Focus on Service to Others


  •     • Energy Scanning

  •     • Chakra Testing and Balancing

  •     • Intuitive Healing

  •     • Practice Cord Cutting

  •     • Perform Psychic Surgery

  •     • Aura Clearing

  •     • Reiki Crystal Grids

  •     • Energy Meridians and Points

  •    • Work with Crystals

  •    • Sound Techniques

  •    • Perform Session on Volunteer


  • 10-4 PM at Calabasas Location

  • 4 student maximum




Crystal Energy Certification

2 Day Course