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About Us

The Indigo Healer’s mission is to be a part of your path to reconnecting you with your most powerful and authentic self. Our products awaken the senses with beautiful aromatic oils and bring forth love, light, and soul healing. They are created to be a part of a powerful daily routine of self-care, built to nourish both the body and the soul.

Reiki Master Monica Mejorado founded the Indigo Healer’s “Chakra Alchemy” line based off of her daily work with energy in her patients. Each product is handmade with intention and love, based off of her mastery of crystal healing, gifts of alchemy, and experience — helping you to attune to certain energy fields. We source all natural ingredients, gifts straight from Mother Earth. They are created with essential oils, the spirit of the plant to assist you in your journey. These Reiki and Crystal-charged products are tools to help us live each day with purpose and awareness, remembering our innate power to manifest the reality we desire. We are honored to share this line with you and be a part of your healing journey.

On a mission to guide you through your journey in healing, Monica is a starseed derived from the cosmos, yet deeply rooted to Mother Earth. She uses her powerful gifts of alchemy,  expertise in crystal healing, and her personal inner wisdom to work with you to regain your true power and essence. Freeing you from any internal obstacles in creating the  future you desire. She comes to you humbly as a soul going through the human experience, just as you are. Monica serves with light and honor to be a part of your experience; it is her life’s purpose to help facilitate this shift in consciousness and awakening process in you.

"When we embark on the journey of healing we become more conscious. With consciousness comes awareness of the innate power you hold inside of yourself to then create the reality you desire."

-Monica Mejorado
    Crystal Healer & Energetic Alchemist


“Like a Lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world”

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