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Soul Fragment Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the most important in spirit medicine.Whenever we suffer an emotional or physical shock a part of our soul flees the body in order to survive the experience. It can be anything from death, physical abuse or someone locking you in a room when you were young for a few minutes. What is soul loss to one, will vary from person to person. In psychology we call this disassociation. But in psychology we don’t talk about what happens to the part that disassociated or where it went. In spirit medicine we understand that a piece of the soul stays stuck in time and space. Being the multi-dimensional beings that we are, we can go back and reintegrate the lost aspects to the present day self.


Symptoms of having soul loss are having a knowing something is missing, a void, grief that does not heal or having recurring events happen to you over and over again. The reason this happens is because the universe is trying to integrate the lost aspect of you to the present day self. It is like a knock on the door saying “let me back in.” Until you retrieve those lost aspects you will keep having that “knock’ on the door. This is life happening for you, not to you to bring you back to your original state.


With this modality we will embark on a journey into the emotions in order to reclaim the  soul fragments. This is a process that works with emotional triggers as a way to go into pain and heal the pain at the source.  The process consists of a combination of  visualization, mindfulness, shadow work, inner child work, and intuition. You are not in a hypnotic state, rather a light meditative one. The Reclaiming Soul Fragments process uncovers past traumas and merges them into the present day self for a successful reunion.

1 1/2 Hour Session $250

*This is a very sacred integration and you must have had a energy session within the past month to book this session.

No drugs or alcohol 24 hrs prior to appointment. 

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