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Third Eye Chakra Mist

Third Eye Chakra Mist



Relax and connect with your intuition through a balanced Third Eye Chakra. Your Third Eye connects you to inner knowledge and imagination. Trust your intuition and strengthen your connection with the assistance of oils from Mother Earth and the protection and guidance of Amethyst. When you trust your self, you will be one with your intuition. Intuition serves as a source of inner guidance and wisdom. Through the power of The Third Eye, we can see the truth of reality.


Blocked Emotional Symptoms





Feeling stuck in the daily grind without being able to look beyond your problems and set a Guiding vision for yourself

Not being able to see the greater picture

Lack of clarity


Location: Forehead

Essential Oils: Lavender 

Stone: Amethyst

Mantra-I trust my inner guidance

oz Glass bottle

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