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Don't force forgiveness

Something came to my attention today about a girl who had a healing session and was forced to forgive a few people in her life. Yes, I understand no one forced a knife to her neck and make her do it, but in a session a patient trusts the healer and trusts that they are leading them in the right direction…towards healing. Not until she gets home she realizes that it did not feel comfortable. Well of course it did not because it made her deny her true feelings towards these people and push them to the side to get to the “feel good” stage which is forgiving. In this day in age emotions and feelings are frowned upon. You feel sad? Take a pill. You’re mad? Go get your anger out and go the gym. You resent someone? Forgive them and move on. It’s all about feeling good right away and not addressing the real issue that lies underneath. This is how we have been conditioned to view our feelings. Now fully embracing my healing abilities as a healer I have learned so much and how this is not effective at all. I am energetically and intuitively able to see the underlying issues, which are suppressed emotions. These emotions are just messengers carrying an echo of something that is important to look at, to be integrated with the self to be whole again.

Our body is made of body (physical), mind (mental) and soul (emotions). When we experience a shock or trauma our soul loses fragments. Think of yourself as a huge puzzle piece with many pieces. When you are experiencing the trauma you get out of alignment and those pieces get lost and go into hiding. Then there you are walking and living, feeling as if something is missing. Sound familiar? When you get a trigger emotion, it is a silent innate call for those pieces to come back. It sees a vibrational match and wants to notify you that this is the time to integrate those pieces. We will keep experiencing these triggers until we bring those fragments back. Hence why we keep experiencing the same pains, setbacks and so forth. This avatar body of ours is a marvelous thing. If you slice your finger, your body will automatically kick into gear to blend the flesh back together. The same way the body is physically able to heal itself, so it the emotional body. If you get an emotional trigger, commit to finding out what it is trying to tell you. So by you just giving in and forgiving someone is dismissing the emotion, which is in essence is denying ourselves a part of us that wants to be whole again. Remember, forgiveness is the organic result of healing and forgiveness will follow, so don’t force it and listen to your inner being.

Here is an example to help you understand:

Example- Vero (sister), myself, Juan (Vero's BF) and Kristen( Vero's daughter)

Vero got super angry at Juan because he came home with food for just him and Kristen not knowing she was home. She gets super angry and storms out of the house.

Juan: Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to not bring you food.

Vero’s trigger was anger. Was it really towards her not getting food or was there a deeper issue? Lets see…

Back when Monica was 3 and Vero was 4 they were at the drive thru at McDonalds. Vero was asleep so Mom didn’t order her food. They get home and Vero wakes up, she is so angry that she fell asleep and did not get food. The pain of being felt forgotten angered her so much that she lost soul fragments.

This current event was a vibrational match to what happened when she was 4. It angered her so she can integrate that trigger with the lost soul fragments from 1990. The trigger is a knock on the door saying” let me back in”.

So, if Vero says,” fine, I overreacted and I forgive you. She then is dismissing that emotion, which is anger and anyone in her path better make sure they never forget her food because there will be a flare-up again until she integrates.


Vero can go outside and sit with the anger and be with it. It will lead her to the event of her being 4 and not getting a burger. You do not need a time travel machine to get to past emotions and memory. Vero needs to go back into that memory and do what is needed to make 4 year old Vero feel not angry. She does so and gets a burger and takes mine because I didn’t wake her up the first time. This makes Vero feel better. 4 year old Vero is happy and not angry. Soul Fragments come back and integrate with her. There is no longer a trigger for anger, since this was the root. This also means Juan will be a safe man.

This is a very, very simple example. If you feel that once you have acknowledged and feel deeper rooted traumas, stop and acknowledge. Acknowledgment that there is something else behind the door is enough. Seek outside help to guide you through the process in a more professional matter. I can do so myself or I can direct you to a few people I know.

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