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Death of the "Old Self"

Many of you who are on the healing path come across a painful period after you’ve accepted and learned lessons that needed to be learned. This is a death you are experiencing. A death of the old aspects of you. Patterns and behaviors that once ruled your life have come to an end. It can be painful to see the outcome of your behaviors when you have reached a level of awareness to be able to see them and view them from the outside in. Many will look at these behaviors and say,” I don’t want anything to do with that “old self”. Judging and turning their backs on themselves.

I’ve learned in the work I practice on myself and others is that doing this is putting you back to square one. The pain comes when you see yourself as a separate and not a whole. Your soul comes from wholeness and wants integration to feel whole again. How can you deny any aspect of yourself? The only reason that part of you WAS that way was because it needed unconditional love from YOU! So you give that part of you a proper “funeral”. In our culture we have funerals and we celebrate death. So why not do that with this situation?

Understand that death in physical and non-physical is the completion of a process. A process that consists of experiences and learning lessons for your soul in a human body for a moment in time. Whether a person has lived here for 2 months or 100 years, this has all been planned out before they came into this world by them. The soul never dies, it carries lessons to then keep learning more in the next life wherever it may be. The soul never says that It is only going to take some experience from one life and not all? To do so would be to take the experience way from God/Source. So again, integrate all of your life experiences the good and the ugly.

So with this “death” of your old self, remember to love it, celebrate it and integrate it with your present day self. This death is just a graduation, the transition for your souls next evolutionary phase. This death is your graduation for more advanced teachings. We can always call upon our past life selves for guidance and wisdom. They are us, we are them, and we are one.

Live, Love, Learn, Teach and grow

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